Monday, December 8, 2008

Children's Book- "A Charmed Life"

Illustrations from a children's book that I wrote and have been working on for the past 3 months. Its about a snake named Rafeek who lives in India and he loves to dance. One day he gets lost from his charmer, Praveen, and so Rafeek searches for him. These paintings aren't in the order they are found in the book

The drawing for the next painting, Rafeek asks a cockroach if he has seen Praveen

6th painting, Praveen hits a bump on the road and Rafeek falls out of his basket. Rafeek gets lost

5th painting, Rafeek finds his friend Praveen

4th painting, Rafeek loves to dance for people

3rd painting, Rafeek finds an elephant and asks him if he has seen Praveen

2nd painting Rafeek lives a good life

1st painting, Rafeek is lost but hears Praveens music in the distance

Here are a few illustrations from my first attempt at digital illustration this summer.